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「ProductShot 商業攝影服務」成立於2011年,自設影樓,提供不同的專業攝影服務。






我們的顧客來自不同界別,從網上商店、生產商、零售商、拍賣行、高級品牌、大學、酒店以至大型企業不等 。


如欲了解更多,可瀏覽「Our Services 服務範圍」、「Our Clients 我們的顧客及「Service in Steps 服務流程」,或直接聯絡我們作查詢及報價。




電話:852 - 5488 3145




ProductShot is a Hong Kong based professional photography company founded in 2011. We specialize in commercial photography such as product shot (packshots), interior shot, food shot and portrait. Our customers range from online retailers to distributors, manufacturers, auction site sellers, high-street retailers, universities, hotels, and corporates.


We provide one-stop photography service from art direction, props and model sourcing, graphic design to printing production.


Our photographers have extensive experience, including editorial and advertising shooting. We are able to deliver a professional finish to your images.


Whether it’s an item / a model on a plain white background, lifestyle mood shot or something a little more creative that’s required, we will ensure that the whole process contributes towards a fast, simple and cost effective solution for your company.


For more details, please feel free to contact us or visit "Our Services", "Our Clients" and "Service in Steps".




Tel: 852 - 5488 3145



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